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Star Bronze

Absolute Coatings

December 2008

John C. Dolph Co.

Von Roll Isola USA, Inc.

August 2007

Finnaren & Haley Marine

RPM International

July 2007

F&H Industrial Coatings

Universal Chemicals

July 2007

Finnaren & Haley Stores

Benjamin Moore & Co.

June 2007

Champion Coatings

PPG Industries

April 2007

Federated Paint

Delta Coatings Corp.

April 2007

Pioneer Powder Products

Pioneer Powder Mgmt.

April 2007

MTE Corporatoin

SL Industries

November 2006

Fuller Elkhart Adhesives

Prometheus Acq.

January 2006

Blatz Industrial Coatings


July 2005

US Polymers

FB Investors

June 2005

Duron, Inc.


September 2004

Wattyl U.S.-FL & MD

Insl-X Products

August 2004

Futura Coatings


October 2003

JASCO Chemical

Harbour Group

July 2003

Para Inc.

Sico Inc.

May 2003

Ferro Powder Coatings

Akzo Nobel nv

September 2002

Randolph Products

C&C Ventures

January 2002

UOP Refinery Chemicals

Dorf Ketal

October 2001

R&M Chemical

Degussa Con. Chem.

March 2001

Egyptian Lacquer

Wöwag Coatings

December 2000

Ricon Resins

Sartomer Company

July 2000

Napa Valley Paint

Smiland Paint

April 2000

General Polymers


April 2000

Guided Wave-UOP

Ocean Optics

March 2000

Wattyl U.S.-Atlanta

PPG Industries

July 1999

Reid Paint

Hunting Industrial Ctgs

June 1999

TACC International


September 1998

Oregon Research

Harris Specialty Chem.

July 1998

Futura Coatings

IPI International

April 1998

CenterLine Industries

Lafarge S.A.

March 1998

Zehrung Corporation

RPM International

December 1997

Dock Resins

Landec Corporation

April 1997

Con-Lux Coatings


August 1995

Fuller O’Brien Paints

The Glidden Co.

June 1995